The first time out in bad weather.

Trip report:

I left for Avalon on Friday amid blue sky, warm air and sunshine. Upon arrival and with a small audience, I positioned Ripley on her mooring like I had done it thousands of time. In fact it was only the second time.
Friday, Saturday and Sunday were wonderful, with warm summer weather and lots of sunshine. On Saturday morning I found gremlins in the Generator. It ran great, but made no electricity. After a few choice words, a trip to Chet’s hardware and a major MacGyverism, the old generator was cranking out power and the trip was saved.

Sunday night\Monday morning at 4am the wind started howling, I could hear things on the deck blowing around, I ran up on deck as the harbor boat passed by, his blaring light giving every one awake an excellent view of me in my undies. Once I gathered up all the lose items on deck, including my dignity and pride, I climbed back in bed to try and sleep.

At 7:30am, there were dark clouds here and there, but the winds had long since gone. We dropped the lines and headed for open water. I set the autopilot for 5 degrees and poured myself a diet coke. (breakfast of champions!) Around 5 miles out, the swells increased to around 8 feet and waters surface was agitated from wind. We were entertained by an extremely large pod of dolphins that enjoyed leaping out of the water as they jockeyed for position to ride the bow wake. This entertainment lasted for 45 minutes. It was a really large pod!

About 5 miles away from the breakwall in Long Beach, We passed through the leading edge of a storm cell. All I can say is Wow! I thought it was going to rip the bimini off the boat. Water was pouring down the sides faster than any water hose I have ever seen. The scuppers on the stern were like two waterfalls. The salon windows were constantly awash with salt water from waves and spray. The pilot house wipers were running fast and hard. Ripley bounced around like a rubber ball in a dryer. I looked back at our large dink in tow and it was literally getting airborne. We slowed to about 7 knots and the dink decided to stop its flying fish imitation. Regardless, I put my pocket knife in my pocket in case I needed to cut it lose. The last 5 miles to Angels gate was the worst weather I have seen while on a boat. We literally held on to anything we could. I kept looking at the chart data and thinking, just a little further… We finally passed through the gate and in a few minutes we were cruising in much calmer waters. We strapped on a few fenders and put Ripley back in the slip without any problems.

I must say, owning this boat since July, I was hoping to have “this” trip later on, once I had more experience with the boat and her handling characteristics. Regardless, I must confess, I am extremely pleased with her performance. Not once did I fell that she was out of control, or losing the battle with the ocean; rather I felt she was taking her time and using persistence to accomplish the task at hand. In fact, I never felt the need to turn the autopilot off.
She earned her keep on Monday, so I’ve decided to give the girl a day at the spa – what girl wouldn’t like a polish and wax?

I love my boat more now, than the day I bought her.


Class Action LawSuit

Remember a while ago in this very blog I complained about 24hour fitness and their cancellation practices. I also cancelled the credit card they billed to because their cancellation practices were blantantly unethical.

I just received a notice that 24Hour Fitness is now involved in a class action lawsuit in California because of their cancellation practices. HA HA!

Read up: http://www.weirclassaction.com/


Old Company -- Old Photos

I was looking for a little mental distraction this afternoon and decided to take a look at my former employers web site: http://www.cda.canon.com/
I found it interesting that of all the photos of people on the website -- only 2 of them were still at Canon.
What does that mean? I dunno? I just thought it was interesting.


Her name is Ripley

Alow me to introduce the newest member of my family:
Her name is Ripley and she came into the world weighing 22,000lbs at 41 feet
She has a body of fiberglass crafted by the famous naval architect Edwin Monk. She was birthed in Taiwan at the CC Chen yard in 1981 – actually her keel was laid in March of ’81.
She is powered by an English (UK) made single Perkins 6-354 Turbo Diesel producing 200 horsepower which eventually connects to a 26X26 left hand prop.

She has two staterooms and two heads with a full galley and salon (landlubber translation: 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a full kitchen and livingroom)

This will be my 2nd bluewater* boat. You’d think I would have learned my lesson from the first boat. But Ripley is very different: She is much slower, larger and her systems are remarkably simple. She is also classically lined – meaning she looks like a boat.

I cannot describe with words how much boating makes me happy. I am obsessed by it and would like nothing more than to spend days on end tinkering around onboard.

This photo was taken during the purchase. We have started making some simple changes and I’ll update the photo once the workers have complete.
Now, where’d I put that checkbook?

*Bluewater is a term that describes a vessel capable of oceanic passage. In other words, it can take rough sea conditions.


The Life of Rylee

No I didn’t misspell that! That is how my son’s middle name is spelled.
I am feeling rather jealous of his week. Here’s the synopsis so far:
Friday: spent the night with Friends aboard their 53’ Hatteras Motoryacht. – a very proper yacht with all the amenities one would expect of such a vessel.
Saturday morning: kayaking in Jellyfish cove (Kayaks provided by the afore mentioned yacht)
Saturday afternoon: Swimming at Long Beach Yacht club – in the pool beside the ocean.
Saturday evening: bicycle riding with neighbor
Sunday morning: boat ride on our boat around LA Harbor – looking for the Black Pearl, but she was nowhere to be found.
Sunday afternoon/evening: Disneyland with friends.
Monday: Gameworks – mediocre food and all the video games he can play
Tuesday: Wild Rivers water park – screaming kids and plenty of H2O
Wednesday: A day at the beach

And I sit here working…Ahhhh, to have the life of Rylee.


No! Not that resurrection, this blog is being resurrected
Quick update:
4 class left to complete MBA – will complete in April 2007
New job going great – starting to acclimate into the culture.
Son starts 2nd grade in a few days – what happened to kindergarten?Bought a boat – 41’ Roughwater Pilothouse motoryacht – pics soon



As you many of you know, Friday, March 03, 2006 is my last day of employment at Canon. So with that said, the hour of my departure grows closer with each passing second. I am so stressed-out about leaving I think I made myself sick last night. Now don’t misunderstand me, I know that leaving is the right thing to do and the new job is an excellent opportunity, but in the process of leaving, I am trying to transfer my knowledge to a few other people. Each time we meet, there seem to be hundreds of details that I have forgotten to tell them. I am surrounded by post-it notes with scribbles of my memory lapses.

Regardless, my farewell luncheon is tomorrow (Thursday). Many people who left Canon long ago are returning to assist me in my bidding Canon a happy Goodbye! I can’t tell you how excited I am to see all of them. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. I even have my clothes picked out.

Anyway – I need to get back to work and remember all those details



As my countdown at my current employer continues, I am reminded each and every day of things that I will miss.

This morning, 6:34am, I was on the 405 freeway, and the sun decided it was time to rise. This time of the year it creeps up over the southern end of the Saddleback Mountain Range, it is the most incredible sight, with the deep orange sun, the black silhouette of Saddleback, the red sky left and right of the sun, and the black night giving away to the most amazing shade of blue.

One of the things I’ll miss.

Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests

I wish death upon Fred Phelps. He is a boil on the ass of humanity.
His loath of homosexuality is most likely due to his uncontrollable inner desire to be ridden hard and flipped over for the next guy.

Anyway, Good for the Bikers. Kudos to you guys and gals for looking after those who died in the name of the U.S.A. My hats is off to you!

FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky (AP) -- Wearing vests covered in military patches, a band of motorcyclists rolls around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully to overshadow jeers from church protesters.

Full Article:


Here She Comes…


So this 14 years old kid dies in some boot camp in Florida, and all the sudden his mother (and family) is outraged!
WTF? Where was this woman when her kid was fucking-up in the first place? Maybe if she had been around more he wouldn’t have been in that shit-hole in the first place.
AND to further my point – the coroner stated the cause of death was internal bleeding related to an undiagnosed case of sickle cell anemia. If she REALLY cared about him, this would not have been undiagnosed.
Now BIFG is outraged!!!
So let’s cut-to-the-chase: She has her eye on the fat pockets of our government – the tax payers money. She never gave a shit about her son, Martin.

Now don’t misunderstand BIFG, she doesn’t think Martin deserved to be tied to a tree; but that is for another Blog!

End BIFG Alert

It’s Official

I have resigned! I gave my two week notice!
I accepted an offer from another company. The commute will be 15 minutes with NO FREEWAYS!!! Suicide in second gear is over!!!


Ponds and pond guys

The Blonde that makes up 50% of “us” decided a long time ago that he wanted a Koi pond. We did lots of research and I spent many hours learning about filtration, pumps, liners, etc.
While patronizing our favorite nursery (Long Beach City College Horticulture department – ask for Brian) our friend Brian told us about Trey.

He said Trey creates the most unbelievable ponds. The best waterfalls and everything looks natural. So Trey came over a gave us a quote. Although we haven’t decided 100%, it looks like Trey will be digging a hole in our backyard in late march.

Check out his work:

Queen Mary meets her younger sista!

This is very cool. We'll be out in our Dink (Yacht tender for you non-boaters) to welcome the Queen Mary II into Long Beach.
She is planning a whistle salute to her older sister the Queen Mary and in return the QM will give her a whistle salute back.

We have been warned, the Coast Guard will have gun ships protecting the QMII and any vessel that gets cl0ser than 1000ft will be subject to the U.S. Coast Guard “hospitality”

I can’t wait!!! How cool is this! I’ll post a few pics when it’s all said and done!



Okay, so I've neglected my little slice of cyber-space.

Let see, how I can get you up-to-date…
Currently in salary negotiations with a new company – I expect it to work out. More soon.
Even though I haven’t given notice with my current employer, I have a very serious case of Senioritis.
Getting my last few ducks in a line to purchase a boat (see the Roughwater 41 link under “favorite links”)
As of writing this, I am 5 classes away from completing my Masters Degree. (I plan to be done in April 2007)
I have a final in an Advanced Accounting course tonight (STRESS!!!)
I have a test next week in Business Negotiation (MAJOR STRESS!!!)

Anyway – I need to study.


Busted by Craig

Well, my foray into debauchery is over. Craig caught on to me and shut me down. DID YOU HEAR ME, THE MAN SHUT ME DOWN!!!!

No more love for Jesus!

Here’s what the man said:
Your posting has been removed by the craigslist community.
Several craigslist readers flagged it for the following reasons:
PROHIBITED: posting appears to conflict with craigslist Terms of Use http://www.craigslist.org/about/terms.of.use.html#conduct
MISCATEGORIZED: posting appears to be in the wrong category
The flagging system is a work-in-progress, with all the pros and cons of a democracy - Please post suggestions for improvement in the feedback forum:
After reviewing your posting and our policies, if you are convinced that those flagging your post were mistaken, please feel free to repost. Sorry for the hassle! and thanks for your understanding

Another reply for Jesus

Rj -- who I think lives in Tennessee, replied:


I wish I lived closer to you. I would love to be your lamb and let you guide me through life.

39 yr old GWM, 5'7" and 135 lbs, brn hair, eyes and goatee.



Love for Jesus

Well, I must admit. It was a disappointing weekend. Only one reply to the ad for Rev. Lonnie. Here’s what he wrote: A 35 y/o muscular bottom for hung guys said, “I'm ready pastor”
No one else replied. I guess that gives you an idea of the volume of readers who peruse Craigslist, Oklahoma City, M4M

Regardless, the ad is still up and available – Should anyone else decided they need some Jesus love, I’ll keep you posted.


Personal Ad

I’ve been bad

That last story inspired me So much, that I took out a personal ad on Lonnie’s behalf. The ad is in the pic!
I'll keep you up-to-date on the responses

It's the little things in life that make me happy

Reality Cubed called and told me about this news article. What a way to brighten a guys day!
I grew up in OKC and know about the notorious Habana. I love his excuse, I was pastoring to police. I wonder how many other men on the Southern Baptist Conventions Executive Committee has developed a test for, um.. well, you know.

05 January 2006
Rew. Lonnie Latham, a member of the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee, has been arrested and charged with offering to engage in an act of lewdness.Latham was arrested by Oklahoma City police after asking an undercover officer posing as a male prostitute to join him in his hotel room for oral sex. He was booked into an Oklahoma County jail and released on $500 bail. The arrest took place in the parking lot of the Habana Inn, where locals have complained about male prostitutes flagging down cars.As the Rev. Lonnie Latham, 59, left jail Wednesday, he said "I was set up. I was in the area pastoring to police."Latham has supported a convention directive urging members to befriend gays and lesbians and try to convince them that they can become heterosexual "if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their 'sinful, destructive lifestyle.'"


What to do when your kid is crying in public

Next time your kid starts wailing and screaming in public...here is a novel idea. Take the little demon seed away from those of us who are not there to revel in the howling.
When you are at the book store and your kid starts screaming, take little Damien outside until he shuts up. Do not stay in the store with the kid wailing so he can continue to disturb other patrons.
When you are in a restaurant and your precious little devil spawn starts bawling, take Baby Beelzebub outside. Do not wait. Do not stare into your plate and pretend like it is not happening. I am not paying for food with a side of eardrum ache nor is anyone else there. And if the food costs more than $20 an entree, consider whether or not young Asmodeus is really such an epicure that he needs a gourmet experience at 18 months...better yet, if you can afford the experience, you can afford to hire a babysitter. Kids under 5 simply do not belong at places like Morton's or Galileo. Better yet, there is likely a McDonald's up the street. Little Lucifer will probably be happier and the patrons at a finer establishment will not be contemplating just what exactly is and is not allowable under the justifiable homicide statute.
At the movies, if the kid is crying, take it outside. And why are you bringing your toddler to the movies anyway? Since Teletubbies--the Movie is not currently playing, what is it that they are getting this experience? And why are you bringing them to the 10PM showing? Shouldn't they be home and in their cribs?
And please don't inflict the passengers of the already miserable air travel industry with your screaming kids. Two or more hours in a sealed tube with non-stop screaming and/or seat kicking is enough for me to consider how I might kill myself and/or the little jackal with the small blunt items TSA still allows me to carry in-cabin. I am sure your little angel really needs to see Grandma or Mickey Mouse. I agree. And that is why Grandma should fly to you or you should drive to Mickey. And if you MUST fly, please, for the love of God, stay off the red-eye. Nothing like flying from LA to Washington on an overnight flight and getting no sleep because some 9 month old future B-move actress was practicing her slasher-pic screaming by howling...ALL...FRIGGIN...NIGHT. And with airlines removing pillows from flights in a "cost-saving" measure, there is not even the means to smother the little vermin. Also, for the sake of decency, stay out of first class. By definition, if your child is of an age where drooling on oneself is still a reasonable possibility, it probably does not need a 21" wide seat with 40" of legroom plopped amongst 15 business travelers who intended to work on the flight but, instead, are being soothed by your little demon's four hour aria of wailing.
I could go on, but what would be the point. There will be a slew of posts from indignant parents who are going to say that their kid should be allowed anywhere at anytime and that kids cry and everyone else has to deal with it. But you know what? I did not sign off on you having a kid. I did not agree to share in the revels of the screaming and whining and other annoying behavior that your child is hellbent on inflicting on the public. You unilaterally chose to inflict your progeny on the world and, if you are like many parents, you refuse to control the little animal.
All I ask is that you try and remember that some of the people around you are not all that enthused about the screaming, the crying, the running around and other things that come from being with small children. If we are in McDonald's, we are asking for it, I grant you. But in fine restaurants, nicer stores, libraries, airplanes, business environments and similar venues, think about how your mini Mephistopheles might be impacting the experience for other patrons.


Pictures... 1000 words... etc.

I think the picture says it all...


Holiday dash

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m proactive – sometimes to a fault.
I’ve started my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago! My bounty is hidden away somewhere in my house in hopes that they blondes can’t find my secret stash. Then there’s the kids Christmas present that will arrive via special delivery truck because it weighs so much – don’t ask, I won’t tell what it is.

I’m also putting up my Christmas lights this Sunday – so that the day after Thanksgiving, we can have a lighting celebration!!!

Oh no, I almost forgot, I have the make the grocery list for Thanksgiving. I’m hosting for 10; and all of Thanksgiving weekend I’ll have 8 people to feed each day. My pantries will be bulging very soon and my checking account will not. UGH!!!

Don’t forget that the kids Birthday is coming up in early December! Got to buy for that!

And we have to finish painting our bedroom so that we can hang the new window covering we purchased a year ago.

I started out kinda excited about writing this… Now I’m exhausted.

Oh well – I’ll take it – and be thankful that I can.

Now I gotta go, Amazon.com, my Visa and I have a Hot date!!!