The Life of Rylee

No I didn’t misspell that! That is how my son’s middle name is spelled.
I am feeling rather jealous of his week. Here’s the synopsis so far:
Friday: spent the night with Friends aboard their 53’ Hatteras Motoryacht. – a very proper yacht with all the amenities one would expect of such a vessel.
Saturday morning: kayaking in Jellyfish cove (Kayaks provided by the afore mentioned yacht)
Saturday afternoon: Swimming at Long Beach Yacht club – in the pool beside the ocean.
Saturday evening: bicycle riding with neighbor
Sunday morning: boat ride on our boat around LA Harbor – looking for the Black Pearl, but she was nowhere to be found.
Sunday afternoon/evening: Disneyland with friends.
Monday: Gameworks – mediocre food and all the video games he can play
Tuesday: Wild Rivers water park – screaming kids and plenty of H2O
Wednesday: A day at the beach

And I sit here working…Ahhhh, to have the life of Rylee.


No! Not that resurrection, this blog is being resurrected
Quick update:
4 class left to complete MBA – will complete in April 2007
New job going great – starting to acclimate into the culture.
Son starts 2nd grade in a few days – what happened to kindergarten?Bought a boat – 41’ Roughwater Pilothouse motoryacht – pics soon