As my countdown at my current employer continues, I am reminded each and every day of things that I will miss.

This morning, 6:34am, I was on the 405 freeway, and the sun decided it was time to rise. This time of the year it creeps up over the southern end of the Saddleback Mountain Range, it is the most incredible sight, with the deep orange sun, the black silhouette of Saddleback, the red sky left and right of the sun, and the black night giving away to the most amazing shade of blue.

One of the things I’ll miss.

Bikers roll to military funerals to oppose anti-gay protests

I wish death upon Fred Phelps. He is a boil on the ass of humanity.
His loath of homosexuality is most likely due to his uncontrollable inner desire to be ridden hard and flipped over for the next guy.

Anyway, Good for the Bikers. Kudos to you guys and gals for looking after those who died in the name of the U.S.A. My hats is off to you!

FORT CAMPBELL, Kentucky (AP) -- Wearing vests covered in military patches, a band of motorcyclists rolls around the country from one soldier's funeral to another, cheering respectfully to overshadow jeers from church protesters.

Full Article:


Here She Comes…


So this 14 years old kid dies in some boot camp in Florida, and all the sudden his mother (and family) is outraged!
WTF? Where was this woman when her kid was fucking-up in the first place? Maybe if she had been around more he wouldn’t have been in that shit-hole in the first place.
AND to further my point – the coroner stated the cause of death was internal bleeding related to an undiagnosed case of sickle cell anemia. If she REALLY cared about him, this would not have been undiagnosed.
Now BIFG is outraged!!!
So let’s cut-to-the-chase: She has her eye on the fat pockets of our government – the tax payers money. She never gave a shit about her son, Martin.

Now don’t misunderstand BIFG, she doesn’t think Martin deserved to be tied to a tree; but that is for another Blog!

End BIFG Alert

It’s Official

I have resigned! I gave my two week notice!
I accepted an offer from another company. The commute will be 15 minutes with NO FREEWAYS!!! Suicide in second gear is over!!!


Ponds and pond guys

The Blonde that makes up 50% of “us” decided a long time ago that he wanted a Koi pond. We did lots of research and I spent many hours learning about filtration, pumps, liners, etc.
While patronizing our favorite nursery (Long Beach City College Horticulture department – ask for Brian) our friend Brian told us about Trey.

He said Trey creates the most unbelievable ponds. The best waterfalls and everything looks natural. So Trey came over a gave us a quote. Although we haven’t decided 100%, it looks like Trey will be digging a hole in our backyard in late march.

Check out his work:

Queen Mary meets her younger sista!

This is very cool. We'll be out in our Dink (Yacht tender for you non-boaters) to welcome the Queen Mary II into Long Beach.
She is planning a whistle salute to her older sister the Queen Mary and in return the QM will give her a whistle salute back.

We have been warned, the Coast Guard will have gun ships protecting the QMII and any vessel that gets cl0ser than 1000ft will be subject to the U.S. Coast Guard “hospitality”

I can’t wait!!! How cool is this! I’ll post a few pics when it’s all said and done!



Okay, so I've neglected my little slice of cyber-space.

Let see, how I can get you up-to-date…
Currently in salary negotiations with a new company – I expect it to work out. More soon.
Even though I haven’t given notice with my current employer, I have a very serious case of Senioritis.
Getting my last few ducks in a line to purchase a boat (see the Roughwater 41 link under “favorite links”)
As of writing this, I am 5 classes away from completing my Masters Degree. (I plan to be done in April 2007)
I have a final in an Advanced Accounting course tonight (STRESS!!!)
I have a test next week in Business Negotiation (MAJOR STRESS!!!)

Anyway – I need to study.