Here She Comes…


So this 14 years old kid dies in some boot camp in Florida, and all the sudden his mother (and family) is outraged!
WTF? Where was this woman when her kid was fucking-up in the first place? Maybe if she had been around more he wouldn’t have been in that shit-hole in the first place.
AND to further my point – the coroner stated the cause of death was internal bleeding related to an undiagnosed case of sickle cell anemia. If she REALLY cared about him, this would not have been undiagnosed.
Now BIFG is outraged!!!
So let’s cut-to-the-chase: She has her eye on the fat pockets of our government – the tax payers money. She never gave a shit about her son, Martin.

Now don’t misunderstand BIFG, she doesn’t think Martin deserved to be tied to a tree; but that is for another Blog!

End BIFG Alert