Old Company -- Old Photos

I was looking for a little mental distraction this afternoon and decided to take a look at my former employers web site: http://www.cda.canon.com/
I found it interesting that of all the photos of people on the website -- only 2 of them were still at Canon.
What does that mean? I dunno? I just thought it was interesting.


Her name is Ripley

Alow me to introduce the newest member of my family:
Her name is Ripley and she came into the world weighing 22,000lbs at 41 feet
She has a body of fiberglass crafted by the famous naval architect Edwin Monk. She was birthed in Taiwan at the CC Chen yard in 1981 – actually her keel was laid in March of ’81.
She is powered by an English (UK) made single Perkins 6-354 Turbo Diesel producing 200 horsepower which eventually connects to a 26X26 left hand prop.

She has two staterooms and two heads with a full galley and salon (landlubber translation: 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a full kitchen and livingroom)

This will be my 2nd bluewater* boat. You’d think I would have learned my lesson from the first boat. But Ripley is very different: She is much slower, larger and her systems are remarkably simple. She is also classically lined – meaning she looks like a boat.

I cannot describe with words how much boating makes me happy. I am obsessed by it and would like nothing more than to spend days on end tinkering around onboard.

This photo was taken during the purchase. We have started making some simple changes and I’ll update the photo once the workers have complete.
Now, where’d I put that checkbook?

*Bluewater is a term that describes a vessel capable of oceanic passage. In other words, it can take rough sea conditions.