Busted by Craig

Well, my foray into debauchery is over. Craig caught on to me and shut me down. DID YOU HEAR ME, THE MAN SHUT ME DOWN!!!!

No more love for Jesus!

Here’s what the man said:
Your posting has been removed by the craigslist community.
Several craigslist readers flagged it for the following reasons:
PROHIBITED: posting appears to conflict with craigslist Terms of Use http://www.craigslist.org/about/terms.of.use.html#conduct
MISCATEGORIZED: posting appears to be in the wrong category
The flagging system is a work-in-progress, with all the pros and cons of a democracy - Please post suggestions for improvement in the feedback forum:
After reviewing your posting and our policies, if you are convinced that those flagging your post were mistaken, please feel free to repost. Sorry for the hassle! and thanks for your understanding