Holiday dash

Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m proactive – sometimes to a fault.
I’ve started my Christmas shopping a few weeks ago! My bounty is hidden away somewhere in my house in hopes that they blondes can’t find my secret stash. Then there’s the kids Christmas present that will arrive via special delivery truck because it weighs so much – don’t ask, I won’t tell what it is.

I’m also putting up my Christmas lights this Sunday – so that the day after Thanksgiving, we can have a lighting celebration!!!

Oh no, I almost forgot, I have the make the grocery list for Thanksgiving. I’m hosting for 10; and all of Thanksgiving weekend I’ll have 8 people to feed each day. My pantries will be bulging very soon and my checking account will not. UGH!!!

Don’t forget that the kids Birthday is coming up in early December! Got to buy for that!

And we have to finish painting our bedroom so that we can hang the new window covering we purchased a year ago.

I started out kinda excited about writing this… Now I’m exhausted.

Oh well – I’ll take it – and be thankful that I can.

Now I gotta go, Amazon.com, my Visa and I have a Hot date!!!